No OHIP? No problem.

🩺 Private appointments:

Good news! If you are a private patient (i.e. do not have OHIP coverage) you can still book an appointment with the doctor here 📲.

Payment is made online during the booking process. Private appointments cost $70 CAD. We accept all major credit cards.

👩‍⚕️ Doctor's Note:

If you require a doctor's note, please discuss this with the doctor during your appointment. The provision of a doctor's note is a private service (not OHIP-covered). If the doctor agrees to provide you with a note, payment for this note can be made below using one of the payment options available. Following payment, your note will be emailed to you.

➤ Paypal / Credit Card

Private service

➤ Interac etransfer

You can send an etransfer for the relevant amount ($26 for a simple doctor's note / $50 for an extensive doctor's note) to . Don't forget to add your name as the payment reference.